Entire plant is yellow

Do you understand how osmosis works?……
Bet a 250w hps that running/maintaining 1,800 ppm in the root-zone of a small/medium over-watered plant still severely burns or kills it.

The roots getting all swollen and leading to rot has nothing to do with the nutes and everything to do with over-abundance of water, lack of oxygen, and bacterium/fungi colonies.

Burns are common in over-watered plants because they aren’t thirsty and as a result take up more nutes than fresh water. Most of the nutes sit and cook the roots. Osmosis is occurring while the ppm’s are uneven, in this case causing excessive (albeit slow) nute UPTAKE. Regular watering just doesn’t end up lowering the tds quick enough.
Sorry for shoddy explanation lol.

They do need to dry for a bit though. And they are hungry. Choose your own technique to deal with this OP. Also “little brown spots” sounds to me like a K or Mg problem, either abundance/lockout or deficiency.

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Making your own e-juice. Thoughts?

I made that juice with some mediocre auto nugs.

It was ok but took a shit tonne of vaping using the 8ml/1g measure.

I’m going to try it after my latest harvest is done curing to see whether primo herb makes it any better.

Currently though I’m vaping some purged QWISO oil mixed into PG at 0.1g of oil to 1ml of PG.

It’s a much better way IMO unless my next try with primo works any better.

I used fresh frozen trim for my QWISO run. Came out pretty good.

Do not add any VG to your mix otherwise you’ll get separation.

If you want to use less PG but with VG too then some grain alcohol or vodka will help keep things mixed longer.

You can also use BHO but it needs winterising to remove lipids and fats etc before mixing into the base fluids.

PEG400 – polyethylene glycol 400. Is what a lot of MMJ vape fluids are using as a base as you don’t get any separation occurring.


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Webs on buds

Discussion in ‘Marijuana Plant Problems’ started by MuckyDucky, Nov 23, 2014 at 2:20 PM.

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No regres

That is the sentiment just expressed by officer Wilson on an ABC interview.

A defense lawyer on the Al Sharpton show said that everyone he has ever seen who had killed someone expressed regret that he did it, and that this was proof that Wilson was a murdering racist.

What thinks you?

I think that he has no regret because he is a police officer who was responding to a call, heard about a large black man with a red had who stole from a store.

It was his sworn duty to confront him.

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A morning with a hearth attack

Discussion in ‘Marijuana Plant Problems’ started by psynapse, Nov 25, 2014 at 3:18 AM.

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Re-flower after harvest?

Re-growing is a great way to go! Harvest as usual except leave a double-handful of greenery around the base of the plant. Cut down the main stem so it is half as tall as the finished plant. Throw her back to vegging for 3-4 weeks and re-flower. Plants that took 7 weeks to finish the first time will finish in 5-6 weeks second time around. Reason is that for every bud you harvest will grow 2 smaller buds in a re-grow. My re-grown plants typically produce 125-175% of the first harvest.

So, re-growing is cheaper, faster and you get a known product for your efforts. I don’t see a downside to re-growing unless you have to have huge nugs.

Works for me! Good luck, BigSteve.

PS — My perpetual grow produces 100 plants a year and re-grows make up 10-20 % of my grows.

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Need some advice browning sugar leaves

Discussion in ‘Newbie Central’ started by giz2k14, Nov 26, 2014 at 12:57 PM.

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Noco Growers Jamborweed 2014

Hello Northern Colorado growers,

I would like to host a “jamborweed” at my house in Northern Colorado.

A jamboree, or jamborweed as I am dubbing it, is a gathering of like minds to celebrate. In light of this I want to make it clear from the beginning there will be no competition, no prizes given, no monetary validation what so ever.

There will be a great opportunity to meet other growers in the area, to network with them, and to form friendships through one of my favorite things, marijuana.

Everyone attending should bring a small sample with them, kind of like a pot luck feast. This will ensure a good time and that everyone leaves happy.

Beer will be provided while supplies last.

This event is 21+.

The Northern Colorado Growers Jamborweed 2014 will be held on Saturday, December 6. Starting time around 7 pm and will go until 1 am.

Please remember that I am holding this as a private event at my private residence and respect to myself as well as all attendees is expected.

As soon as I receive an rsvp as well as a guest head count from everyone interested I will pm that user my address.

Thanks to everyone and I hope to make this a kickass enough jamborweed that another one will have to be held!

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This idea will eventually kill millions!

Discussion in ‘Canadian Patients’ started by gb123, Nov 26, 2014 at 6:23 AM.

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Two bottles of strip no to pass 5 panel test

Oh I know, I was just asking to be a dick. I’ve been in the situation countless times.

For a job you say? Use fake piss in the future, or someone’s pee who is clean.. also, making threads or asking others if you passed or not after you took it doesn’t help ease your mind. If anything, it’ll only clutter your mind more.

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