mi polla es larga y dura

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Super hot chili- Carolina Reaper-Ghost Chili-Trinidad Scorpion

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Indoor Humidity Important Facts CFL Growers.

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Strain selection for indoor closet grow.


I’m trying to set up a closet grow in apartment complex.

Growing conditions:

  • Oder Control
  • Small grow area (SOG Approach)
  • 300 Watt Full spectrum LED grow light
  • Growing in Aeroponics.

Strain Criteria:

  • Must come from nirvanashop.com and be feminized.
  • Neutral odor while growing
  • A high weight to profit ratio. Other words, A strain that would be considered a high end strain that gets top dollar (This is a for profit grow to to supplement my social security income
  • A somewhat easy to grow strain. But I am somewhat experienced grower so this may not be to applicable but could be a bonus
  • Would be great if: The high is similar to the Holy Ghost strain. Something that promotes creativity and focus.

The minimum expectations of this strain selection should be that it can be grown in SOG (witch alot of strains can do), Have a low odor profile and that it is considered above average smoke compared to street stuff.

Would be awesome if the strain also promotes creativity and focus and that can decrease anxiety or do not increase anxiety. Some strains tend to promote anxiety feelings, probably because of the nature of the highest it self.

So based on that, I would assume that a body type high would be good along with a little bit of head high for the creativity in focus part. As from my understanding that more of a body high and less of a head high tends not to promote anxiety. A strong head high can freak somebody out.

I’m sure this strain does not exist, but any strain that come similar to these marks we’ll be fine.


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Cookies and Herer-LED Scrog


Time to start another grow and another journal yay!
adding usual disclaimer**
I love growing, I love posting pics and talking about growing. I make this journal to share my passion for what means the most to me. My plants.
Cannabis is a daily part of my life, without it I cannot function. Well I can however my quality of life is less than adequate.
This is a small medical grow, however I fully believe in a green world where we are covered in as much of it as we want :bigjoint:
Also I am enjoying some GDP I just dried and wanted to sample, so please ignore if my post is.. well high o_O

I decided to clean out some genetics from my mom closet, I was too excited and popped too many seeds and bought clones and I just don’t have the space to give them all the grow attention they deserve.

Phat n fruity from barney’s is 1 plant in this grow, I have more seeds of her so this is a one time grow of her for now.

Animal cookies I grew last time and she is just about to finish up here in a few weeks, I was so impressed by her potential I decided to grow her again and try a scrog.

Girl scout cookies – I got this plant as a clone from a local grower. The other clones I have gotten from them have turned out well.
so I am excited to see what this girl brings to the table for me.
I have been growing about 6 years about, not very long in the grand scheme of things and I’m not into the terms, supercropping,main lining, fimming lollipopping, etc.
I have picked them up from people here however I normally just feel my plants and, bend, cut, snip,break,or whatever it feels like the plant would benefit from.
So I ask for your tolerance on this, because you may call it one thing and I may just say I broke it or bent it.
I mean no offense if I do not use the terms more versed growers might.
My last grow is in my sig and lists the lights and tent I am using if anyone is curious.
just a lighthouse tent and 500 5w x2 Vipar LED’s.
I also have a carb filter and fan, don’t remember the brands, but they work well and are pretty quiet.

I use flora nova veg and bloom, super thrive, clonex gel and cloning solution,cal-mag,botanicare soiless grow formula is in my air pots. ,cha ching, monster bloom, sweet raw, I’m sure I’m missing something but that’s a start. Oh yea I like orca too just not very often.
I do not use all of these things at once of course but that’s the basics.
I am growing 5 plants in 5 gal equiv air pots . I was using plain 3 gallon pots my last grow.

Animal cookies grew out very tall this go round, I let her stay natural just to see where she would end up, with just a bit of training at first.
This is why I am looking forward to scrogging her.

this grow line up
I took 4 clones of the cali con 22 ( Jack Herer) seed I got as a freebie and grew out in july, this was going to be a tribute grow, however timing was off. So I gave away two of the clones to my GF and I had 2 left.

wanting to see how cookies would grow I made a couple clones of her too.

now the moms I’m scrogging
Phat n fruity

Girl scout Cookies
GSC full.jpg

animal cookies

That’s all for now!

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Auto BlackJH in beast mode!!!

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help! boron, iron, & zinc deficiency!

if new growth is yellow and leaves are yellowing at the base. that’s iron def

if edges are yellowing and veins are dark . Thats mag def.

if light green on edges and moves inward. that’s zinc def

if orange rust blotches appear thats boron.

mag – epsom salt or crab meal or gypsum or oyster shell flour

everything else – kelp meal

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Design Questions

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what went wrong

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Want to run CXA3070 at 80w is that Safe, What driver?

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