Picking Up Some LSD

HOw about eat it about 10 tonight and go to work tomorrow easy peezy .

First time I harvested mushrooms I grew the only weed I could get was a 4 hour drive away….. So we drove up got there at midnight, ate a bunch of mushrooms ( not sure how many) tripped till like 8am slept for an hour then drove 4 hours back to be at work by 3pm talk about a trip. hehe

Rory I was only calling your head old lol. You’ve got more experience under your cap then many twice your age from what I’ve read and talked to you about.

I was thrilled this summer. It started with me paying 10 a hit, and not having any sort of real supply just a once in a while thing. Now my price got cut in half, and i have a supply, woot. If next summer goes just as well, shit I’ll be one happy camper!

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Christianity is based on substitutionary atonement. Is it a moral religion?

Christianity is based on substitutionary atonement. Is it a moral religion?

The case of substitutionary atonement that I wish to speak of is when God deemed it moral and just to punish his innocent son Jesus, — instead of punishing the guilty sinners that God was to condemn.

The strange part of this situation is that God had chosen to sacrifice Jesus even before the potential for sin was created, — God had yet to create the earth, — showing that what God was killing Jesus for, — he had yet to create.

This was an arbitrary choice for God that was completely needless. God could have chosen to punish the guilty, — what most call justice, — or God could have found a moral way to forgive us. Instead, God chose to do the unjust and punish the innocent instead of the guilty.

The sacrifice was to pay or bribe God to change his usual policy of punishing the guilty to immorally punishing Jesus. God could have shown mercy and justice but instead decided to use an unjust method to forgive us.

That means that to be a good Christian, you have to accept and embrace the immoral tenet of human sacrifice and the notion that the best form of justice, — when one wants to forgive someone, — is to kill an innocent party.

As above so below.

At the end of days, God is to bring his law to earth.

Would you, as an innocent party, think it just if God punished you instead of the guilty?

Do you think that Jesus would ever preach such an immoral form of justice?


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I have a grow going under 2 400 watt hps

Discussion in ‘General Marijuana Growing’ started by yugbkfresh, Oct 25, 2014 at 4:43 AM.

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Dr. Elaine Ingham vs Tim Wilson on molasses

Discussion in ‘Organics’ started by MammothGrow, Oct 24, 2014 at 5:55 PM.

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The Maths Quiz Thread

It’s important to know our figures, especially in this industry.

Whether you’re a consumer, dealer or grower we all need to know our eighths from our ounces.

Since the beginning of time we got paid in weight (not volume) of salt/sal (salary).

This thread is to number crunch and test our mathematical abilities.

Here goes the first question:-

Clayton Bigsby’s Grandma recently got raided by the police and they found the indoor grow! It was a big find of 17 huge plants. Each of these girls weighed ‘about a pound’. The old dear is only being convicted of just under 5 kg! How many plants have the police stolen/ not taken account for?

Answer the question correctly and then pose the next question! Go!!

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Man-made global warming is a lie and not backed up by science, claims leading meteorologist.

Climate change has been proven to be a lie, according to a leading meteorologist.

John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, claims that the belief humans are causing climate change is not backed up by science.

In an open letter attacking the UN, the 80-year-old from San Diego, said that what ‘little evidence’ there is for global warming points to natural cycles in temperature.

‘There is no climate crisis,’ he wrote. ‘The ocean is not rising significantly. The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar bears are increasing in number.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencet…ked-science-claims-leading-meteorologist.html

Has the earths climate ever been stable, I doubt that very much

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Super tight collars, will they kill my plants?

Hello everyone. A few weeks ago I made an aero type cloner. Just a water pump with sprinkler head in a 5 gallon bucket with the timer set to 15 min on, 15 off. It’s been working awesome with almost anything I put in it and I figured I’d try to go ahead an just grow a plant in it since I’ve rooted all the MJ clones I can handle.

The question is regarding the collars I made. They are foam with a material that seems almost identical to those cheap pool noodles.

They are very tight on the stems and although I didn’t have any problems with the small clones, the oldest one was discolored on the stem where the foam was holding it. If I have to get another lid and cut holes for netpots I will but I’d rather stick with the foam if I can for an entire grow.

I have small and larger collars. I planned on using one of the larger ones until I needed to increase the diameter to accommodate the stem in a month or two when it gets too large.


I’ve already pulled my MJ clones but have a tomato for an image showing how tight they are.

(I haven’t changed the rez in about 12-14 days so it’s starting to get a little funky, going to change it out today)

What do you guys think?

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DIY Modular LED-Light

I especially like the quality of the drawings, and what is this spectrograph images you got embedded in the drawing , very interesting

Thanks Rasser
for the spectrograph images google after “LedEngin Proposal and Tools” and Download the Excel-sheet.
table cw5500 cell D102 is linked to table All_spectra_101212 cell O11 thats wrong change this to cell O13. same for table ww2900: D102 O13 O11

1. How many mA are used to run the fan?
roundabout 70 mA,

2. What’s the function of BD438 and the diodes when using a CCdriver ?
Edit: no.2 Cut the power if one module blows off, it could look like.
your answer is correct.

3. What’s the function of the 4 effect resistors in the button and the transistor ?

4. where did you buy the LEDs ?
reichelt.de # they have only the Emitters
leds.de # StarMCPCB premounted Leds
some specials

and some pics from my other light

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Trimming sucks! Any tips?


I have a couple different pairs of scissors, tweezers and Hydrofarm clippers…They all last about 10 clips before they start sticking together!

I keep a cup of 99% iso beside me.

I have razor blades to scrape off/collect the scissor hash.

I wear one of those really bright headband LED lights -the kind for riding bicycle at night so that the light is right where I am looking.

I keep the radio on -usually tuned into some talk-radio show if possible

I use a Roc-N-Soc hydraulic drumming stool for sitting.

Anything else I can do to make this process more bearable? Any old tricks of the trade?

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Blue Mammoth Auto

I have grown the blue himalayan, and it was alright for an Auto I guess…It’s the only auto I tried…I was having a timing issue with running out of smoke before the next round of plants is ready…so I figured some autos in the veg tent would help with that…I planted 5 seeds and got one female…used her for seed, and so far haven’t really tried again…lol. because then I got my next round of photo plants going, and so I just didn’t need any extra…and now I probably won’t…but I have hundreds of BH seeds if I change my mind and want to try again…anyway…

I saw the blue mammoth freebie thing, but I don’t think anyone has gotten anywhere with the growing of the strain yet…since it is new and we are all just getting our seeds…I got my 420 seeds on monday…so far 5/5 of my jilly beans have sprouted, and my Fruit Spirit as well..

Sorry I was off on a tangent…lol.

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