Now that I have a baby

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Medical 3600W Mostly LED Organic SS Perpetual Harvest Journal

This is my first grow since 1999. And it’s *legal*. After 15 years of underground growing, I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be doing something where I’m not (as) worried about the cops kicking the door in.

How I Grow [Updated May 2013]

I grow in organic dirt, using homemade Supersoil. The only thing I add is a teaspoon of soluble Mycogrow to each pot. I use Roots Organic as my base soil.

I plant in Geoplanters. I use the 2-gallon size (with the velcro strips for easy re-potting) for the first 4-6 weeks of veg, and the 7-gallon size for the final 2-4 weeks of veg and into flowering (get the ones with handles).

I water with RO water.

I used to do scrog with LST, and I guess in some ways I still do. I’ve started mainlining my plants, and really like the results. See] this thread for more mainlining porn.

The cages I use are peony cages I got from here. I cut the bottom 3-4 inches off each stake to make them a little shorter.

The green wire I use is tree training wire. If you get some, make sure you have wire cutters — scissors aren’t gonna work.

My veg tent is a Growlab 145L. It has two 900 watt Blackstar LED lights in it, and I can’t say enough good things about how great they are for veg.

My flowering room has one 1K HPS light (soon to be two when I have enough plants in flowering) and an 800 watt Solarstorm LED light.

I use an EZClone 30-site cloner with half-strength Clonex in the rez, and a cheap $40 LED panel for a light.

I do a perpetual grow, which is still a work in progress at the moment. My goal is to harvest 2 plants per week.

I obtained my seeds from Attitude in three separate orders. All arrived within two weeks of order date.

Philisophically, I’m committed to organics. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to baby a plant or strain. I’m looking for phenos that respond well to my system. If they don’t like my soil, or my lights, or whatever, I’ll move on to the next seed/strain. I’m kind of a strain whore anyway, so it doesn’t break my heart to retire a plant for a new one. I still have seeds for around 70 different strains, so it will be awhile before I run out of stuff to try.

My grow is 100% compliant with my state’s medical marijuana laws.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the thread. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

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Old DOS games, anyone?

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Red oil? That is not red oil. Red oil is from the water soluble part of the plant. There is no THC in it. At least from my experience.

Here is a picture of water soluble red oil. This was extracted with water from the waste after making RSO

Frozen, before purging

After purging

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MMPR Licensed Producer Thread

Interesting interview with Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, the president of the Canadian Medical Association, who stated irrational shit like ““got nothing to do with medicinal properties. It’s got everything to do with people wanting to smoke dope.” and ” We just need one doctor to get killed over this, then it would make a great movie.” and ““We’d have a doped-up nation,”

This guy is irresponsible in his comments as the head of the CMA!

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Week 8 chemdawg problems

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Weed that taste like….


This first strain is the closest I know for Lime, but Subcool (TGA) has a few other strains with a strong lemon taste:

Chernobyl: Taste Like Lime Slurpee or Lime Sherbert

Jack The Ripper: Extreme Lemon taste and smell

Jack’s Cleaner 2: Lemon and ground coffee aroma

Pandora’s Box: one pheno is called Cherry Lethal lemonade

Vortex: Smells like Mango Snapple with lemon/ Taste like sweetened lemonade.



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Any martial artists round here?

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The Worlds Most Hyped and Overrated Things….

the olympics..

not that i’m a big sports guy to begin with, but when they let pro athletes into the olympics, they totally lost what i feel the olympics ever stood for..

even without the pros, the olympics are over rated to begin with.. how often do any of us watch things like bob sledding, or cross country skiing, or the biathalon where you ski first then shot guns, or curling ffs?? who the hell has even been to a curling even in person before? but for some odd reason, come the olympics curling some how all of a sudden becomes some major sport i’m supposed to be remotely interested in, as if..

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Male plant butter???

never made butter with a male.

best time to make it if you wish to quarinteen is before flowers start opening, once they open pollen is released and you wont keep ot all off your ladies.

the process of making butter is a chemical bond between the fat cells in the butter and the canabanoids in the plant so really anytime is fine, male plants have much less canabanoids so you will want to use a larger butter to trim ratio.

like i said i have never made it before but this is just the common sense answer and you really dont need to make it to know it. Most people dont bother with making butter from males as the butter wont be too potent but if you mix a high ratio of butter to trim then you should get a reasonable product.

you could also consider chopping it up and saving the trim/plant untill your done trimming your female plants and mix them together for a larger more potent batch. but my assumtion is your looking for something to munch on while you wait for them ladies to be done.

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