Question about smell

I have one small auto WW going in my veg tent. I had to pull out the carbon filter because the home owners were complaining about the smell.

Even if heat isn’t an issue you’ll still want to move some air across the surface of the leaves, and you’ll need to ventilate through a filter to deal with the smell.

Also, I meant 6inches above.

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LED PAR math

Correct… exactly what I was going to say! (lol)

You need the power dissipated to find the luminous efficacy of source. Once you have that, divide the luminous efficacy of source by the luminous efficacy of radiation to get efficiency.

Efficiency = luminous efficacy of source / luminous efficacy of radiation.

Once you have efficiency, you can find PAR watts output.

Output power = efficiency * input power

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speaker box’s for vegflower?

Hi riu! I’m getting ready for my outdoor grow this year and now that I’m waiting on everything too come in the mail I was thinking about how I can continue growing after the seasons over n threw the winter. I’m going too be buying some decent sized home floor standing speakers too gut out too make myself a veg box and a separate flower box. I’ve ran into a few things too figure out before I even go buy the speakers and they are as follows.

#1. Cfl? Mhhps, or led? I can’t decide cause idk if I can find a small enough led panel too fit in the boxes that will be absolutely the best lighting situation possible.

#2. Ventilation? I need too have these grows completely hidden and silent, and smell proof. Anyone know what size fans I’d need too keep my temps at a half decent point.

#3. The most important is that it HAS to be fully stealth With absolutely no way too walk by it and say OH SHIt he’s growing pot in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks too anyone that answers and hopefully I’ll get too talk too some people that have used a speaker box of sorts too look at and learn from. This will be my first stealthindoor grow, and I’ll be working on perfecting this box from now till the end of the season in October


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carbon filter rvk 150 air flow????

OK, — might have posted this in wrong thread earlier so posting here…

So I’ve got a small tent setup using a 300w dual spectrum cfl for veg and I’ve also got a lumii sunblaster 600w dual spectrum with a 6″ air cooled hood.

I am going to be getting a smaller intake fan for the hps that comes from the right side of the tent, into the light hood, and out of the left side, and I also have a rhino carbon filter above the lights at the back…

The tent only measures less than 1mx1m by 1.9m in height so it’s not very big but will fit at least 5 or 6 plants in for my personal use…

The only problem I am having is fitting all the equipment in, I’ve managed to get everything perfect but the RVK 150 fan, I have decided to place it above my tent outside, with the carbon filter having sono ducting going from the filter straight up into the roof of the tent.

My question is… can I place the RVK fan on it’s side.. rather than how everyone has it sucking air —- this way.. can i turn the rvk so the air is blowing ^^^^ rather than

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Very LOW budget CFL grow

Discussion in ‘CFL / Fluorescent Lighting’ started by Don Uk, Apr 24, 2015 at 1:10 PM.

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Bruce Jenner , Whats your thoughts .

Discussion in ‘Toke N Talk’ started by panhead, Apr 25, 2015 at 4:40 PM.

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Vipar LED

I have 3 A51 panels of the xgs and Rw series and like them. This is just for personal use and some sharing so as far as yield I get more than enough. I learned about A 51 here and could afford them so the choice was easy. At the same time my friend went with 2 vipars and an Apollo because he wanted at least 3 panels to start and couldn’t afford A51.

He’s completed 3 grows and the results have been impressive. In the beginning I discussed with him the benefits of going with a better made panel like A51, Apache etc. he made his choice and I’ve never questioned him why. In the end I could care less what lights are being used, I want to see what you got going on under your lights. It just seems like more and more these light discussions turn into hate filled venom spewing contests which does nobody any good.

A lot of people like my friend are buying vipar and others until they can upgrade. Here in SoCal heat is an issue so people don’t want hps. My friend told me he’ll just use these for a couple years then upgrade to diy cob’s when he can afford it. They’ve been going for just over a year now. I’m not here to hate or argue, just giving my one time opinion. Whatever you’re using I hope it serves you well.

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US Patent Pending Pot

Hello All,

New here, but have been around the block many times.

So, would a published US patent application qualify as an advanced cultivation technique?

Seems folks don’t take you seriously until the application publishes: US2015096230

If anyone has heard of using shoot-to-root temperature differentials to improve plant growth and quality; please let me know. I have a duty to the Patent Office to disclose any prior-art I’m aware of during application pendency. Better to know about relevant references a day before grant than a day after.

I contacted Ed Rosenthal soon after I filed and asked if he’d heard of using shoot-to-root temp diffs. He replied, “What are you talking about?”. I explained a bit and sent a copy of the application as filed. Never heard back. That’s a rather strong indication that my method is new and non-obvious to the community big-wigs.

So, if you’ve heard of using shoot-to-root temperature differentials to improve plant growth and quality; please let me know. Many thanks.

I hope everyone is well, take good care,

SAINT Brand Cannabis

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how can I mail my friend some?

I’ve been mailing bud for many years.

I always use the US Post office, and never use FedEx or UPS because they are private companies that can do whatever they want with your package, including opening it and stealing it, which they often do.

I use a Return Address of someone else who lives in my town. It must be a valid name and address. Many times I find someone in the phone book who has the same last name as the person that I am sending it to, so it appears to be their relative.

For the person I’m sending to, I use the name of their previous tenant, someone who used to live at their address that they still get junk mail for.

This way, there is no way the sender can be discovered, and no way the receiver can get caught with it. They can just say that a package arrived for a previous tenant.

I also vacuum seal it, but the Post Office does not use drug dogs very often.

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advice please on soil ph balancing please :)

Slow down. Post a pic. Write in sentences so old folk like me can follow…

You are going to do more harm than good trying to fix things. For a slight nute burn, I would do nothing. On my next water only feeding, I would go for a little more run off. That’s all.

Runoff does not equal soil PH.

Also, if you will say your soil mix, feeding habits, etc we can be of more help.

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