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I feel this way about almost all of the “breeders” or should just call them what they truly are “bean sellers.” I’m doubtful of the ability of all these breeders to keep breeding stock for 50+ varieties/strains. Where are all of these monster warehouses with two three hundred mother and father plants?

I think the pollen chuckers and those that honor them have saturated the market, just like digital recording software has flooded the musical market with so many whack ass non-musicians and talentless hacks that it is hard to even find the good talent these days because it’s mixed in with too much shit.

I’m one of the few that doesn’t care if you got some new uncirculated OG cut that you crossed with some cookies, I want to hear that a breeder actually bred his stock. Words like, “worked this line for years” and “stabilized the strain to a few phenos”, are words I would rather read when reading a product description.

Either way, “It takes all kinds” and whatever works for people individually is all that matters in the end.

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You can’t trust anybody

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Greenhouse Plastic Material

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Ridiculously slow growth

Woah… That is crazy slow growth for 3 weeks.

Most of this has been said I think but….

Do you have them in a humidity dome? I use this one with a seedling heatmat in the bottom to germ in the lil round peat pellets. I put TGA base soil in the bottom of the “cone” then the peat pellet with the seed in it on top. For clones I use lil square pots(2″ I think?) with cubes and soil in the same way.

I usually leave my seedlings in that until they are too tall for the dome and just mist a few times a day and keep the peat moist. At that point I’ll put in a solo cup with holes in the bottom or into a #1 size pot.

Don’t worry about PH as long as you are using soil, add some dolomite if it doesn’t already contain any.

Some of them look a lil over watered maybe so maybe cut back a lil, you only need to keep the soil moist, seedlings don’t need a ton of water.

And they def don’t need any nutes so I would hold of on that. I usually give them only artisan well water till they are actual plants.

I notice in your pic they are on a reflective surface, you don’t want light reflecting up to the underside of the leaves.

I’ve never used CFLs but you certainly don’t need a 600 MH for veg unless you plan on vegging some rather large plants. And you def don’t want to put tiny seedlings under such a strong light. I would wait till they are like 3″-5″ before putting under an HID.

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Instagram Breeders get Butthurt Fast

So I was browsing IG this morning for a quick 5 minutes. I am not really into this whole IG, FB, social media shit but the funniest thing happened to me today. I saw this dude posted a picture of a list of “strains” and every single one was crossed with animal cookies.

I posted something like

“Looks like a big list of seeds with a lack of variety.”

So the dude replied

“You don’t know shit, blah blah blah”

and then he reported me for harassment

LOLOLOLOLOLOL Talk about getting his feelers hurt deep. Hurt him so bad he had to block me and report me to the authorities lol

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Ordering Weed In California

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Am I tripping?

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Popular Bodhi Strains

…and their origin.

“Known as a family owned business that use organic methods in producing seeds, Bodhi Seeds use a special genetics file to know what the best strains to produce hybrid marijuana seeds are.”

Fairytale = strain of mysterious origin, landrace that fell out of the sky and magically turned suitable for indoor growing produce dense nuggets and high cannabinoid contents.

Snow Lotus
Afgooey x Block Head = ( Sensi Afghani #1 x Maui Haze ) x ( (pollen chucked cut x DJ Short’s Blueberry) x fairytale )

Snow Lotus us used in several pollen chucks from Bodhi such as:

Super Snow Lotus: Snow Lotus x Sensi SuperSkunk
Superstitious: Snow Lotus x Stevie Wonder, one of the most ridiculous lineages I’ve ever seen. Contains more from sensi, more from DJ, more bag seed and fairytales.
White Lotus: Snow Lotus x another fairytale from unknown origin, bred by widowed leprechauns in the Himalayans.
Green Lotus: Snow Lotus x Green Crack (Sensi Skunk #1 x fairytale)

Super Silver Yo Mama
(Afgooey, see above, x Appalachia (green crack x chermie dawg x chermie dawg x sensi Afghani #1)) x SSH from MrNice.nl

Apollo 11: With a name like that, has to be all american right… It’s however C99 x Sensi’s Jack Herrer. C99 is based on bag seed from…. ***drumroll***… Sensi’s Jack Herrer, backcrossed with Shiva Skunk from…. sensi seeds…

Lots of landraces x dutch IBLs x US bag seed elite hermie cuts. Some interesting stuff actually.

Let’s see what else… ah yes of course, OG Kush crosses…

Tiger Milk vs Tiger Milk Remix lineage…

While it’s obvious whose work amongst others they base theirs on, I have to conclude these guys are good at what they do. Unless they have an absurd amount of space and huge amount of plants in total, that’s some fine pollen chucking. From a subjective perspective a valid and by them expected comment, hence the “special genetics file”

From 2014:
Mr Nice.nl SSH x William Wonder = Temple

Limited/No Description:
• Blueberry Temple (DJ Short Blueberry × Temple)
• Dream Temple (Blue Dream × Temple)
• Kinky Temple (Ray Davies C99 × Temple)
• Krypton (Kryptonite × Temple)
• Super Silver Temple (Super Silver Haze × Temple)
• Temple of Larry (Larry OG × Temple)
• Tiger Temple (Tigermelon × Temple)
• Tree of Life (Jack Herer × Temple)
• Nepali Temple (Nepali OG × Temple)

Unreleased/In Testing:
• Cherry Temple (Cherry Pie × Temple)
• IO Temple (Interstellar Overdrive aka Satori × Temple)
• Temple F2 (Temple × Temple)
• Temple Lights (NL5 × Temple)
• Temple of Infinite Euphoria (Infinite Euphoria × Temple)

Temple F2 is still being tested, F1 already used for 13 pollen chucks including SSH and other crosses based on SSH.

And that’s just ‘an’ example..

Family owned, organic methods, special genetics file, secret underground location in the desert…

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Getting ready to start first Hydro Bubbleponics Grow

No kidding! It’s one of my biggest fears.

I did a ton of reading and looks like if I use a capful of 3% h2o2 a week and tons of air that may keep the rot at bay.

One of my biggest hurdles will be rez temp. I don’t run the AC in my house plus this will be in a tent. I’m really going to have to watch for the rot and may end up having to use bleach or pondeyze or something.

I won’t know what my water temp will be until I start bubbling.

Here are my notes for Root rot I found on various places on the net.

Stealth Hydro recommends 1 teaspoon (5ml) 3% hydrogen perroxide per six gallons of water/nutrient solution.
Well bleach actually worked, i have new root growth after using 12ml per 30L of water ( 7 gallons)
I dont use h2o2 anymore but i add bleach at 1ml per 10 gal every week to prevent root rot, and to kill root rot you can double it (2ml per 10gal)

Some people like to add beneficial bacteria to their water to help prevent and treat root-related plant diseases and help make nutrients available to the plant. Some of the formulas available are Hydroguard, Aquashield, Piranha, VooDoo Juice, Great White, Subculture B, Rooters, and Plant Savers. Most of these can be used with both hydro and soil grows. I personally recommend Hydroguard because I’ve used it successfully to treat Root Rot (and it’s also very affordably priced, you can use it throughout your grow without breaking the bank).

As I mentioned, it is incredibly beneficial to try to get as much oxygen as possible dissolved in your water. Therefore it’s a good idea to buy a BIG air pump and big air stones for your hydroponic system. The more bubbles and surface agitation, the better, as this dissolves more oxygen into the water. Root rot cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment and your plants roots will love it. I use one EcoPlus 2 Air Pump w/ 2 Outlets for each 10 gallon container, which I have connected to 2 large air stones per air pump (since this one 2 outlets – this helps make sure there’s plenty of oxygen in the water healthy roots and faster growth). This has worked great for me – I haven’t had root rot since I started using this air pumps/air stone combination.

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