Changes to Growth on Colloidal Silver Lady

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Mr. Nice Critical Mass grow

Hello fellow growers,

This is for the most part my REAL first grow. My last grow was done like 2-3 years ago which turned out good but could of been a lot better. That being said I am currently growing Mr.Nice Critical Mass from seed, and plan on keeping two mothers for cloning purposes. With my last grow I ran into issues with the buds (Red Dragon) smelling like grass. I know that it is from improper drying and curing. I made a dryer out of a plastic tote with a 6in duct fan, dried buds in 24hours, placed in mason jar for 24hr moisture returned, placed buds back in dryer and done within 24 hours and stayed dry. Smoke was ok but I am sure it could of been better, and grass smell rather than bud smell. As I get to the harvesting and curing process GOOD ADVICE will be greatly appreciated, I am not a lazy grower I do research before relying on others to do it for me.

Here are my items:

Seeds from:

Seeds: (6) (regular) Mr. Nice Critical Mass
Fertilizers: Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow AB (Veg phase), Sensi Bloom AB (Bloom phase)
Additives: Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, Bud Candy, Rhino Skin, Overdrive
Meduim: Soil (Foxfarm – Ocean Forest)
Grow Tent: 6.5ft x 6.5ft x 6.5ft
Light: 1000w MH, HPS Wing reflector, (6) 23w CFL @ 6500K (Veg phase), (6) 23w CFL @ 2700k (Bloom phase)
Pest Control: Neem Oil, Cinnamon, Diatomaceous Earth, Home Defense (NOT IN TENT)
Tools: PH Tester, PPM Tester, 60x Loupe, Humidity meter
Ventilation: (2) 6in Duct Fan @ 240cfm.

I still need to get a carbon filter, but from the looks of things all is well. Any suggestions, questions, concerns, thoughts/advice is more than welcomed and thanks in advance


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New LED Grower Creative Destruction

So I’m planning an LED grow and would like to know, of the 5 below, what light is the best.

189X-PRO LED Grow Light—290W-LED-Grow-Light-P86C60.aspx

Diamond Series XML 350 – 10W CREE XML (The 330w one)

Magnum Plus2

SolarStorm 440

Sol9 LED

I ordered them from worst to best, based on my very narrow perception. If you provide a better perspective, or mention a better light I’ll edit the list What do you think is the best?
I read this guys journal, on the Sol 9 and it makes you want to believe in LED’s.

  • You would hope for at least 1g/watt given how little power most of these LED’s draw.
  • Can they be sized up on basic watts times diodes?
    • If so Magnum Plus2 would have to be the best at 240x3w= 720; then again it only draws 330 watts, so the bulbs are running at 330/720= 45% which means they’ll last longer, but kick out less PAR, right?

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Hello all, back after a bit of a hiatus. My least couple of grows yielded very well and I am still sitting with a healthy surplus but I missed having something growing and my legally compliant friends tend to benefit when there is extra laying around. Also missing materials for delicious edibles

First.. on the setup:

Went out and purchased a 2x4x7 tent and set that up in my shed (fully insulated for temps) so this should run even a little cooler than when I was growing in my office. This also helps with the noise problem I had with all of those fans sitting behind me while I was trying to get some work done.

400W cooltube, right now only running HPS even during this veg time since for some reason the MH is tripping my GFI. Ordering another MH build to see if that corrects the problem. Have a 6″ Tjernlund M-6 rated at 540 CFM connected to a Variac Autotransformer to control velocity. This is connected to a DIY carbon filter (I can post a link if anyone is interested on my DIY filter) that vents outside.


I am a little concerned about my intake since I am using the mesh rectangle vents at the bottom of the tent which will clearly allow light to come in, but seeing as this is a mostly dark (some light comes in around the door) shed I am hoping this will not be an issue.


The Strains:
I picked up a clone of Hazy OG and just popped an Auto Blueberry in the little solo cup off to the side.


Up close and personal on the Hazy.

For anyone that has seen my other grows from my signature, this is a HUGE upgrade in space from my little 22″ x 22″ space so I am super excited.

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1st Grow

First thing – Replies and comments are welcome and encouraged :joint: :thumb up:

Started my first grow around 5 weeks ago. Started with a seed from a Special Kush plant that a friend had that accidently got polinated. Also bought some clones ( locally about 2 weeks after my Spc. Kush seed had germinated. Clones are Ice, G13, Hollands Hope. Each were rather fresh cuttings (about 4 days old) and were rather small, measuring about 3″ each, with the exception of the Hollands Hope that were about 4″ each. I also recently purchased 3 – 14″ Pineapple Chink clones about a week ago. Oh, small note, one of the G-13′s died about a week after purchase. It also looks like the Ice and G13 clones were clipped after mother had gone into flower… Kind of pissed me off but it my own fault for not paying attention.

Until yesterday they were all just being grown in a utility room with less than ideal conditions (room reflectiveness, no ventilation aside from fan that just moved the air and helped with stem hardiness. The 8 smaller clones were growing in solo cups until transplanted into 3 gal buckets which they will grow in until harvest. So here’s the current growing conditions for the ladies:

Growing Medium: 1/3 TGA super soil layer, covered with 2/3 TGA organic potting soil in 3 gal buckets.
Room: 4x4x8 (I know, tight space – hind sight is 20/20 lol), custom built with 2×2 frame and walled with 5/8″ Foil Styro.
Lights: Custom hood with 8 – 100W equivelant CFLs (5000K spectrum).
Ventilation: 480 CFM inline for exhaust with 6″ x 24″ carbon filter. Exhaust is dialed down to about half speed because of room size. 500 CFM squrrel cage blower for intake, currently on 250 CFM setting.
Heat control: Oscilating ceramic standard electrical heater with digital adjustable thermostat. (trying to figure out a better way to keep the ladies warm as the grow room is in my garage.

Gave them all a nice drink after transplant into their new soil yesterday (about 2-3 qts, just enough to saturate and get a bit of runoff). I don’t plan to give them any fert simply because of the super soil in the bottom, but I do give them some supplements. Last night they got SuperThrive at a strength of 1/4 tsp per gal, Mad Farmer’s Be One (Vitamin B1) at strength of 1/2 tsp per gal., and Roots “Excelurator” at .5ml per gal. (all were at half dose).

Pics and sizes to be posted shortly.

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Anyone Pagan?

Pagan is not a real religion. It describes a bunch of people who have religion- but in itself it is not one official and defined thing.

It’s an umbrella name used by people like Christians to lump together many beliefs and rituals held by a wide variety of people. Christians for example would use ‘Pagan’ as a dirty word to slander non-christian religious practice and beliefs. When the ‘pagans’ existed back in their day- they didn’t call themselves thus and didn’t consider all of one and other to be in the same camp. They thought they were just doing what made sense, whether it was a blood sacrifice to ensure a crop yield or building a monolith to line up with astrological points. When they consulted a source for their religion, it didn’t call itself ‘Pagan’ and it excluded many of the varying people and beliefs which are lumped into ‘Pagan’.

To be a modern ‘Pagan’ is just someone who looks up in google and books and stuff what other ‘Pagans’ have done.. which comes from combinations of cultures and peoples and theories and presumptions, etc- all cobbled together.

You see how Mellowfarmer had to ask if it included one of his beliefs? See how he got tucked under an umbrella that could also contain people that don’t celebrate the solstice? Notice how there was no holy book nor official source to cite if his belief is or is not ‘Pagan’?

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yeah we love hempy as well, don’t know why more people don’t go with is as it’s near fool proof
Dr. Jekyll

Yup, hempy may be fool proof but not idiot proff, as point in case, but the wonderfull thing about hempy is you can recover quickly from most fuck-ups
Mr. Hyde

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Harvest. Bagseed. 12 12 fs

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Dank & Other Growers Side by Side Grow.

Glad 2 see that others are interested in the side by side. If I’m not mistaken, I could’ve swore there where more growers that had said that would like to take part of this. ?:

However I’m glad 2 see the ones that was up for it post.

On mine (Green Crack) I will be moving her under my 1,000 watt HPS/MH system during the day, then moving her back under the CFL’S for the remainder of her light cycle. Bumping her ppm’s up starting this week coming. She is getting dosed with GO lineup. Misting with h2o here and there. Doing good for her age. 1 week 4 days now. I believe I may let her grow another day or so and replant her.

Here she is today 12-29
Green Crack. 1 week 4 days. 12-29.jpg
Green Crank.
GC. 1 week 4 days. 12-29.jpg

Thanks 4 the subs guys/gals..


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How do I make the transition from seed to outdoor plant?

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