Listing Income on Taxes

What Texas jack said….., although in my experience (I have a business, employees, all that stuff)), my accountant does not ask for 1099′s. You can probably report as much income as you like. The gov’t. wants money. But in my case, the profession I list on my tax forms is not illegal.

Buck has a good suggestion, however, if you get all your income from selling the extra, it may or may not work,

However you put it, between 10K 100K will be considered a SERIOUS AMOUNT of money. You may want to consult a friendly attorney as well.

At any rate, good for you for being concerned about this. I always relate the story to some of my big grower friends about how the US govt. finally made a case against John Dillenger back in the 1930′s. Couldn’t nail him for murder, bank robbery, etc., but they eventually did for income tax evasion.

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Hempy Buckets PLZ HELP

Hello everyone. So I am doing my first hempy buckets ever. I have them in 2.5 gallon pots, 3.5 gallon pots, and 5 gallon pots. Some of my leaves are starting to yellow on the bottom of the plant.

I have chunky perlite filled in bottom of bucket passed the first two inches where I have my drainage hole. Then the rest of the mix is perlite and coco. I planted them about 5-6 days ago.

I watered 1/4th strength with sensi a and b. voodoo juice, hygrozyme, and b-52. I was told by a friend to water extra the first tome so I watered them more than I probably should have the first time.

Other than the yellow leaves my main issue is that the coco has not dried out much after 5-6 days. I am not sure what to do because I figure they need to be fed again. I planned on foliar feeding with b-52 today to give them something. But didn’t know if i should wait to dry out more because they are pretty damn moist still.

When I tip the bucket to the side water comes out of the reservoir, so should i tip them over and let all of the water drain out? or will that not do anything. Or should i let them dry out for a few more days

Any advice would be helpful. I am a newbie so learning as I go. I will include some photos as well. Thanks dudes.

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No seeds, WTH ?

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Do you know why?

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MMAR question.

For all the folks who didn’t renew.

I keep reading here how Manson fucked everyone with the injunction. What he is saying is if you’re license is valid now(Mar 21 2014) you are good to go, if you let it lapse you are now in the new system(MMPR). What he is saying is if it lapsed maybe you didn’t need in the first place. If you kept it up to date all is good.

If you need it as medicine, RENEW. Why would you let it lapse? As of April 1 2014, you will still need a piece of paper to allow you continue to use mj legally. I can’t understand why anyone would think he would back date the license’s. As for address changes, I get it, I can almost bet if you change locations you will be ok but don’t go on my say so.

He kept the status quo as of the injunction date.

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water damage on leaves?

Discussion in ‘Newbie Central’ started by tyeeconner, May 28, 2015 at 11:34 AM.

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To flower or not to flower…


Sooo , I got this clone about 3 weeks ago. It had traveled a long road to get to me , had very little roots and was in shock. The clone was already flowering by the time I got it , so I decided to put it back into veg on 24/0 to try and stabilize the plant and gain some root growth etc.

2 and a half weeks later and the pictures are of how the plant currently looks. Still not as healthy as I would like it to be , with some spots on the bottom leaves. Does anyone know what that could be ?

And would you say I could put it back into flowering now ? ,or should I let it settle back into veg for longer?

Really appreciate anyone’s advice , thanks for your time.

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Workers Self-Directed Enterprises

Oh fuck yes everyone wants to be their own boss, make the decisions and not have to be told what to do.

And I bet entrepreneurs are just lining up to give their shit away to all these who just want it handed to them. Turn key businesses just being given away.

9-5, 5 days a week? Fuck me, when I was signing up for my government issued successful business, I must of been taking a shit while that schedule was given out. Damn it.

Does the OP have a job yet?

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Why This Forum Sucks ****

This forum is honestly terrible for many reasons…. let me start out by saying the layout and design of this site is dope, but this place is gay as shit and here’s why.

1. Grow journals or really anything for that matter are nothing more than a popularity contest.

2. You cannot edit nor delete a post after an hour or two of posting, which could come into conflict with any court of law to gain evidence.

3. A good portion of you are underage and immature and I may even go as far to say sexually deprived lol

4. Very few of you actually know what your talking about.

I refuse to believe this is the pantheon of the interwebs marijuana growing and will be looking elsewhere.

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My wife caught me jacking off!

Discussion in ‘Toke N Talk’ started by bbxww, May 28, 2015 at 1:50 AM.

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Car insurance in Ontario..

If you are a young male in Ontario getting car insurance, you may as well just bend over, grab your ankles, and bite down on something hard until it’s all over.

If you know any people that have good corporate rates, you can go on their insurance as an “extra” or something. My dad was in the engineer’s league of extraordinary gentleman, so I had cheap insurance for a long time because I just paid him.

Know anyone connected?

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