Pineapple Express (auto flower)

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Growing Auto Flowers with 315 LEC

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Dr. Kevorkian

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24 hrs of darkness before flipping to 12/12

I don’t have the reference but I read in an article that being in long days and then going directly to short days, there is an inhibition of the flowering effect for the first few days caused by the recent long days. But, when they gave a 24 hour dark period first it neutralized the inhibition. So you probably speed up the beginning of flowering by a day or two

The article wasn’t about Cannabis in particular, just other short day plants, but there are Cannabis related articles which say that growers have found that 48 hours was best. Personally, I wouldn’t go beyond 24 because that’s how long it takes for a plant to burn off all starch reserves. I can’t see whatever extra flowering speed you might get being worth the plants starving for 24 hours after all the starch is gone.

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Opinions.Rusty spots and overall yellow new growth…How can i maximise production and quality???

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I can’t get a job because Trump is a racist!


I know millennials making 6 digit figures, driving fine cars, fine dining, living in fine houses raising functional, creative kids. They went to school, became a doctor, engineer or lawyer……took risks and started a business. They are/were smart enough to invest and take advantage of RECORD LOW mortgage interest rates also. You wouldn’t recognize or take advantage of all the opportunities this great nation offers if they hit right you between your crossed and twisted eyes.

Pity party is over, losers.

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Seeking caregiver

The way I look at this particular kind of request is something that is bound to fail…and it’s not surprising to see it go on for 6 months.

The patient asking for free stuff, with the promise of extras, all for graciously allowing the grower to “expand” and “increase numbers”, ends up being a pain to deal with. The demands increase. The sense of entitlement grows, and it’s not worth being hassled when you’re trying to help people.

On the flip side, the grower who needs to double their plant count is either a) doing it wrong, or b) is doing it for the wrong reasons.

Best of luck.

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Discreet Seeds Competition

Hi all

Now that we are getting to know everyone, we wanted to hold a fun competition, that everyone can get involved in

Lets get the prizes out the way first: There will be 1 main winner, and 10 runner up prizes up for grabs.

1st Prize –
5 Pack Incredible Bulk Fems (Dr Krippling)
3 Pack Strawberry Cake Fems (Heavyweight Seeds)
3 Pack Blue Cheese Fems (Barneys Farm)

10 Runner Up Prizes,
The 10 runners up will receive a goody bag which has Heavyweight and Vision Seeds goodies. (pic below)

Now to the important stuff:

To Enter
1. Post on this thread with a funny story, rhyme or a joke.

You will choose the winners!
The post with the most likes will win the 1st prize, the 10 with the next highest likes will win the goodies.

1. You can enter as many times as you like
2. Competition will close on 15th July at 2pm (GMT)
3. Winners will be announced on the thread shortly after closing.

Good Luck! Please share the thread around so you can get as many likes as you can for your post

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Can i put under 24 lighting?

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Flowering in June?

or it accidently got caught into flowering because it got tricked into it by light cycle.

put it under 24 hour light until it shows signs of going back into veg, then put it back outside.

or alternatively but the same thing, you can keep it outside all day then when it starts to get dark put it back inside on the light, all night.

keep doing that until it goes back into veg, unless you want some early buds.

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