200 w cfl grow, by DANfour20

Hello all thought i would document my grow op here, hope you enjoy.

Before i start im a complete newbie to this and i have very little spare income to be throwing at this so its done to a very tight budget, so corners will be cut, mistakes will be made but its going to be a learning experience. And with that disclaimer out of the way i shall begin.

Well i got some bag seeds i had had for a while, i thought id germinate them and they sprouted. So i planted them and they all popped up.

Guess i better get them some light. I ordered a 200 actual watt dual spectrum cfl with reflector.

In the meantime though i better get some light for them, so i knocked together a crude veg box.

I left them to do there thing, and i let my friend know what i was upto and he gave me a cutting of incredible bulk. Unfortunately it never rooted and died. You can see it at the back under the dome.

Well these little things werent hanging around and i thought id make a start on the cupboard i planned to grow in.

My light finally came so i helped them get settled into there new home. I got another cutting of my friend, jack flash.

I got some more soil and replanted my largest plant into the bag.

Christmas came.

To be continued…

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Is This A Fun Mutation Of Dutch Passion BB, Or Am I Missing Somthing?

-The top node has split into 2, essentially topping itself

-Is that a mutation ?

-Regardless, I hope this trend of extra grow sites continues, if it does logic would tell me she should be a massive producer

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Still burp in the beginning and your fine.. FYI once they get hard they are no longer viable. I use them for long cures and it comes out perfect if you pay attention at drying and jarring properly. They don’t do everything for you

And @bigbud420 the amount you have typed you could have easily gone on Google, found the product, price point, availability…you then go on to say you won’t help him… When you have no idea what the fuck your even talking about on this thread.. Help everyone and fuckoff. Yes I have a bad attitude.

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F×ck all of you..

Discussion in ‘Politics’ started by ODanksta, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:53 AM.

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So, The Libyans fight hard and back up a Army of ISIS that has an entire section of their Country under ISIS control, the window of opportunity is only going to be open as long as ISIS stays together in that area.

Since reveling that there is up to three times as many highly trained ISIS commandos as suspected, and somehow getting them on the run with limited howitzer action, the call went out that a Decisive strike would put a great hurt on ISIS at this point in time. Timing is everything, so Obama has decided to give time on the side of ISIS instead of utilizing a flat-top force nearby, to put on …DECISIVE military action against an ISIS stronghold and deny ISIS an opportunity to continue holding this area for training and operating.

The window isn`t open anymore, it still a window but they drew the curtains. You can`t see them anymore because that time, yes time, that they were given, helped ISIS out, they are now bugging out, splitting up, and blending in, ….Going after the hardware they leave behind, ….. is a joke. You have to get them.

So that`s what this time given to them has done.

It`s not about prolongevity, it`s about getting their on time so nothing can be prolonged.

We missed what could have been a great shot.

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Skorchem’s "CRIMSON ANGEL" CXB3590 x16 Build

I plan to build a light that will cover an area of 1 metre by 2 metres.
The light will be around 840 Watts, Once completed the light will have a Typhon controller.

Operation: UVB First Half Hour, Sunrise 30 Minutes – Full Brightness 10 Hours – Sunset 30 Minutes, UVB Last Half Hour – Repeat Cycle…

Heatsinks have arrived!

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best place to buy magic mushroom grow kits!

Discussion in ‘Hallucinatory Substances’ started by Jodon, Feb 11, 2016 at 4:09 PM.

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1 plant dwc scrog

1 plant – Original Amnesia from Dina Fem
5 gal dwc/bubbleponics with 60gph air pump with 2 cylinder airstones
Weekly res changes
Flora Nova Bloom only
Average ambient air 66F
Average water probably 66F as well
Average RH 60%
Veg start with one 42w CFL, then switch to 250w MH, for flower 250w HPS
Plant training: LST and scrog, most plant training knowledge taken from LBH’s tutorials
Scrog net height of 4″
Scrog build idea from here: http://www.rollitup.org/t/diy-dwc-5-gallon-scrog.510210/
Plant growing knowledge was taken from growweedeasy.com and other online sources including RIU
Closet grow with limited grow space to approx. 20″x20″x36″
Closet door always left open, no ducting ventilation
I keep a notebook with weekly notes to monitor my grows to continue my improvement

Background on myself:
This is my 3rd grow, started in March ’15. First two were with 4x 42w CFL’s(168w total) and averaged 3oz’s each. First was bagseed and second was Nirvana Blue Mystic with no plant training and GH Flora Series nutes. I prefer a one month veg so that I have an approx. 3.5 month turn around.

I welcome constructive criticism and feedback. Although, before criticizing please ask me why I do something I do rather than comparing my grow to yours and saying it’s wrong. It never hurts to ask! If you are new to growing and have questions please reference the sources I cited first(growweedeasy.com and LBH’s tutorials) as I will probably just point you there.

I do not expect to harvest until approx. mid April 2016 and I promise to post my yeild. I have come across too many grow journals with no yeild that highly disappointed me so I will not join that club.

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Why no red COB’s?

Ok, my understanding is that there are basically 2 main colored LEDs available, blue around 450, from which white is created by adding filters, and red around 620, which other shades of red are created from by adding filters. So if you can make a white cob from blues in a bunch of different variations, why cant they make a red cob similarly, using the red LED’s? Maybe Im way off base on this.

For example go to the BML custom site and drag a 3500k white onto the bar, youll see its listed as 25% efficient and it peaks at about 620nm, because of the filters used to create the white light at this desired spectrum. These are created using 450ish nm blues which are originally in the high 30% efficiency range, and they still retain some of the initial spike at this color range. If you drag a 615 red onto the bar, youll see that its 44% efficient. So to create a broad spectrum in the red range, couldnt they just create a cob using this very efficient red, with some filters applied to create a broader spectrum range cob, which would be more desirable AND more efficient in the process, while easier to use than individual stars and significantly more efficient than going with a extremely filtered white, like a 2700k, to get a good boost in that nm range? Maybe Im tripping but this seems feasible in my warped sense of reality. Less heat, more output, better spectrum seems like a win, win, win…

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harvest time?

Discussion in ‘General Marijuana Growing’ started by LightEmUp5687, Oct 20, 2013.

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