WTF kinda BUG IS THIS?!?!?

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Small box help (1ft x 1ft x 3ft) CFL

Good afternoon all I’ve been around these forums a couple years but haven’t been online in a while as I’ve been busy with stuff irl.

I’m in the process of making my box grow, I have a cabinet which has a doorway to the front and overall unit is
1ft x 1ft x 3ft high. (looking at just 1 plant)

I have a few Questions which i would be very thankful if I could pick your brains with.

1- Will 4 small CFL’s be enough in there with a mix of 3 and 1 for colour?
2- are pc fans for intake and exhaust ok? looking at bigger one for exhaust and smaller for intake.
3- there is quite a bit debate on white or shiny silver to line the walls, what do you recommend?
4- which nutes and soil is best to buy/use for a uk grower? (locally sourced if possible)

This is my plan…
seal the cabinets joins with silicone
line the full cabinet in paper/silver insulation material
large pc fan to the top/rear for exhaust and smaller 1 near bottom/rear for intake,
4 CFL’s – 3 being 1 spectrum 1 being the other

Ive probably missed out a few things but would greatly appreciate any help I do receive, this will turn into my grow thread so pics to follow.

Thanks again PEACE!

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Fan leaves/ trimming/ how much is to much?

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Yep, from dis pic, dat be lookin’ like a manish boy plant, sorry

“I spell mmm, aaa child, nnn
That represents man
No B, O child, Y
That mean mannish boy”

Hope you and/or your friend have others :leaf:

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Am i crazy? Coco soil mix…?

A bit of background first – Recently growing again due to lack of a job (Such a bad mix when i have to venture out into public, unemployed and a stoner is just one up from a complete bum round my town!

So all available soils are really strong and after a trial run with bagseed in seedling soil from germination then cutting in some potting soil for veg using no ferts just good tap water ive been burnt at every stage. One plants jusr about mase it and growth rates were amazing, the others just starting to show good growth after two weeks of claw stunted puckered leaves crap stuff and my F1 sweet neat toms are purpling to the max.

Now i can obviously spot nutrient stress and especially so in the bush type tomatos so time has come for me to trash this and restart with some great genetics and a lighter soil. (Think i like growing toms more than weed and all them F1 auto bush varieties grow about the same height as a lowryder)

Ive gone for a bag of Plagron unfertilized cana coco and can obtain coco as well


#Can i mix soil and coco and to what percentages to still treat it as a soil not hydro?

#Will this work to lighten up the soils already high nutrient level?

#Do i need perlite as could possibly the coco soil mix stay wetter for a lot longer than just plain soil?

#Plagron unferted coco… Need to add cal/mag or wash first or just use as it is?

#What the fu€k do women do in the bathroom all the time, you know when the one women says “Oh i need the bathroon” and then every woman in a six foot radius suddenly has to go at that exact moment to. Like whats with that cause i tried to get my guyfriends to do the same thing and they just called me a homo and wont return any of my calls…?

If anyone can answer these questions i would probably think their just great but especially that last question as my counsellor said it would violate my bail conditions. Believe me soil/coco mix is the last stuff you wana be worrying about in the can.

Thankyou in advance

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Plastic Watering Ring.

I use an aquarium hand syphon that I put into an 18L container takes me about 3mins per plant.

But I’ve only got 4 in 3.2×3.2 footprint.

I did however build a stand that sits the plants off the floor by about 8″ on 800mmX400mm drip trays with a slight incline for me to catch runoff out the end.

Means I can sit in front of my plants and water them with the runoff destined for a smaller container.

Let me know how you get on with the sprayer.


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17 weeks of flower and getting nanners.

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If You Were a White Cop In America Today…

Scared as hell? Nah bro watch an episode of cops to see who is scared as hell.

Officer: Why’d you run?

Suspect: I was scared

Officer: We found the gun you dumped and a baggie of crack in your pants

Suspect: Gun? What gun? and those pants aren’t mine ociffer.

Officer: Yep only the 29th time i’ve heard that since my shift started an hour ago

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Why So Few Minority Cops?

No, lessons have NOT been learned, because the SAME policies are in place today, and females are STILL recruited as if they were “equal” to males, and test standards are STILL being lowered to accommodate minorities, or deemed “bias”.

If lessons were actually “learned”, then organizations would assess the data available over the past 3 + decades of “womens’ lib” bullshit hiring practices, realize that it has been a dismal failure for EVERYONE involved, except females, and they would change the standard and EXCLUDE females in positions they have NO g’damn business being in….like cops, and fire fighters, and soldiers, and ANY other profession that requires the ability to MAN HANDLE people / enemy.

The inclusion of females has not only made organizations less effective, less efficient, and more expensive to operate, due to the female presence, but they have also lowered the over all quality of MALES in those organizations due to the lower standards incorporated to accommodate females.

The same thing applies to minorities that are too fucking stupid to pass a standardized test, or meet the physical requirements of an organization.

Nobody has learned SHIT.

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