Veggie Garden 2015 pic heavy.

Last years bottle gourds getting some sun in my new dump cart.

Squash are getting down.

Assortment of herbs, chilis, eggplant and cucumbers.

More chili, eggplants and cucumebrs.

Closest to furthest, Cantaloupe, butternut squash, japanese pumpkin and potato

Russian Bullsheart all started from seeds, cisterno tomatilos in the background

kind of a long view, I’ve got a carport up in the garden so it’s hard to get a good view.

Strawberries in 10-15g geopots I planted them last year.

Different angle on the tomatilos. There are 2 varieties cisternos and a purple varriety

Tomatoes, first 2 are Sanmarzano I started from seed and the 3 furthest are Burpee Supersauce. I’ve companion planted a mix of 2 carrot varieties between them with buckwheat between the carrots to help smother weeds and a soil conditioner.

Momotoro tomato in a 20g smartpot. Filled with high end organic soil amended with my compost and wormcastings.

Giant African bottle gourds

General gardenshot; Cabbage, garlic, onions, radish and, bubba kush.

Bubba kush

Blackberry OG

I’m building a pair 55g bioreactors to be used for brewing worm teas.

Radish harvested today.

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The ultimate job

Do you currently have a security clearance?

Security clearance? I’ve been watched by security if that’s what you mean.

Have you ever been involved with midget Eskimo fur traders?

Not Eskimo, no

Have you ever attended a Tea Party Fundraiser and have you ever been involved in business with mainliner enterprises?

No, and FUCK NO!

Am I in??? I’m willing to start on the ground level. Yes, double entendre

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Muslims don’t get it

Jim, my brother. Jews don’t do this.

Jews are secular. And I am glad now you are getting it.

The stupid ones here don’t even now. Jim, when we have to wall off
these radical enclaves you will understand Zion much better,
I think.

We apologized like little pigs to the slaughter about this in Europe
and said it cannot happen here, all the while Buck just fucks himself.

For you there is Hope.

In Hope there is Honor – The Motto, Alaska Highway Patrol.

Since there is an ISIS enclave in the middle of the Alaska interior with
no help from the Lower Pussies, the AHP will be the front line
soon, if not already.

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The Grow Must Go ON

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CFL / Fluorescent Porn…

Day 80, 40 days in flower.

What’s interesting about this to me, is the pic is taken with an old (12 year old) Nikon Coolpix 5400, that is “only” 5m pixel — which was a LOT at the time, but now is the same as my (2 year old) iPhone4 camera. But, my point is that the other day I ran out and picked up a cheap 30x magnifier, and I can almost see the trichomes as clearly with this pick at full res, as I can with the magnifier (obviously, click on it for full res). So, if someone were in a bind and didn’t have a hand-held microscope but had a decent camera, they might be able to get a significantly better look than with the naked eye. It also makes good art.

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blue cheese auto and fruit auto dinafem

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Cherries, Marijuana and a Suicide in Brooklyn: A Reporter’s Notebook

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mag or potassium

1 week from clones. OG Master Kush. They didn’t look very good when I got them but I’ve been getting the same clones from the same guy for a couple of years now. At least 7 grows. They are always well rooted and they always recover well.

I recently switched back to Rockwool from Coco. I still had a few gallons of coco nutes and decided to use them in my flood and drain. I figured the only real difference was extra cal/mag in the coco nutes and I’m using RO water so I figured I could use it without adding cal/mag.

Ph is between 5.5 and 5.9 (when it reaches 5.9, I adjust back to 5.5 which usually happens once or twice per week)

Water temp is 64 to 68 and tent temp is around 77 to 84 F

PPM is right around 680.

I usually hand water 3x a day for the first week, then set the flood for 2x a day, then up it to 3x a day about a month in. Maybe to much nutes on leaf during hand watering?

24 hrs of 1000w light.


I had spider mites on my last grow and just saw them on these clones so I ordered Avid Forbid.

I’ll turn of the lights tomorrow to take batter pictures.

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Top leaves folding up

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