First time smoking :)

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Seedling is dying what’s wrong?

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Liberal Justice

Hey UncleBuck/Potroast,

I don’t know if you’re the same person or not, but even if you’re not, you’re WAY too close for comfort.

The long-standing pattern in the political section here is a three-part pattern:

1. Anyone who kicks UncleBuck’s ass in debate gets banned.
2. Anyone who kicks UncleBuck’s ass in debate gets banned.
3. Anyone who kicks UncleBuck’s ass in debate gets banned.

You must realize that on a website that makes it’s money from advertisements and sponsorships, it’s REALLY BAD FOR BUSINESS when a member who hates every conservative (i.e. UncleBuck) is “buddy buddy” with the global moderator.

Gather your goose-stepping followers UncleBuck and see if you can pull off another purge of conservatives here.

People, if a conservative purge happens here again, like it did about a month ago, then you’ll know UncleBuck and Potroast are indeed either the same person, or they are two peas in a pod. Two peas who could release a bunch of personal info about the members here, including IP addresses, which could lead cops right to some people’s doors.

As much as I despise your politics UncleBuck/Potroast, I’d NEVER EVER screw you like you screw over the conservatives here. NEVER.

In order to maintain member trust in integrity, moderators should not be an obvious puppet controlled by a rogue member.

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Everyone put Bradburry on ignore

It’s the only way!

Any responses really are like fuel to the fire, irrespective of how negative they are (I gotta stop too).

Once ignored, he usually sets up another account. He must have at least 6 now.

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Cannabis And Astral Side (energy) Question

When you smoke cannabis you can feel your energy. And do few things when you are high.

You can do those things when you awake but its little difficult.

I realized these things several months ago. But i cant do the other peoples do with energy.

Its some kind of secret topic nobody talks about it when i asked.

Im suprized when i learned energy animals and you can posses them and use them.

Any body know about these things. In my country some jargon for that but i didnt translate for complications.

Sorry for my language. Thank you

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BHO Manual Extraction

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Media free net pot E&F/F&D?

Hey all.

Noob here. I know someone is doing it this way, but I can’t find an example doing a forum search.

What I’m thinking about is a net pot setup without any media. It would only be using the STG 2″ rooting cubes in 2″ net pots (so not actually 100% media free if you consider the STG rooting cube). These would be placed into holes cut out of plexiglass over a EF table. Instead of Aero, it would use EF/FD (EbbFlow/FloodDrain).

I want to save the cost of buying bunches of media all the time, and having to dispose of it. I know I’ll loose that buffer media provides, but am willing to take that risk. Essentially, this will be a FD version of a NFT setup, or a sprayerless Aero in a flood tray. The advantages would be no emitters or spaghetti tubes to clean all the time, and less media to fiddle with. Easy and simple is always better. If it’s also cheaper, then that’s just icing on the cake.

Questions for anyone who is actually doing it this way:

*Do you use a thin layer of media or media mat on the bottom of your tray? I think this could add back some buffer, and provide something for the roots to rest on if they don’t like sitting on the always wet bottom of tray without adding much media.

*What sort of watering time cycle do you run? I’m thinking of letting the pump run constantly with a bell siphon during daylight, and turning it off with a timer during lights out. In Aquaponics, the pumps seem to last longer without constant starts and stops. Rez water will be well aerated, so I don’t see much dif from a bubbleponics/floating raft system other than the FD cycle. I just can’t see leaving the roots in water 24/7. I know it works, but can’t bring myself to trying it.

My experience is mostly in Aquaponics these days, but this system will be a Canna nute/35% H202 setup. No magic sauces or organic nutes (Al B Fuct “Lazy Stoner” K.I.S.S. style).

Also, is anybody using the STG 2″ rooting plugs with 2″ net pots in a Aerocloner? I’m thinking about building one for the clones. No nutes in cloner, so no clogged emitters.

This will be a SOG. No veg. 3′ tall plants. Support steaks if needed.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is ‘legal’ to grow and smoke where I’m at. Not that I give a damn about legality that requires consent!

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For the life of me I just can’t figure out how a liberal’s mind works or maybe the fact it doesn’t.

A known thug who just committed a strong arm robbery attacks a police officer in his car, is shot dead for charging the cop and some how, the cops self defense shooting its not justified because the perpitrator is an oppressed black man.:wall:

The IRS admits to persecuting its citizens for their political beliefs and liberals side with and defend the IRS.

Scientists in the 70s come up with the theory that an ice age is coming, a decade later, government funded scientists claim the earth is warming at an alarming rate and we’re all doomed but only the government can save us by taxation. Liberals believe and defend this lunacy.

Small businesses create 70% of all US jobs yet liberals want to grow more government instead of more business.

Liberals blame conservatives for high black unemployment rates, but champion the government for enticing them into welfare and keeping them down.

Looney liberal logic, is it a religion or is it disease?

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Gas prices

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