What’s the matter with this plant?

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Super skunk should I harvest?

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Super cropping in Flower

From what I understand, towards the top, by the main cola. I super cropped all 3 of mine (in flower) about 2-4 inches down from the top.(ima bout 2 weks into flower, which iheard is the cut off point)
If you are only 5 weeks in, keep doing it every so often, as long as the plant doesnt stress or show signs of messing up. Now with that said I am not an experienced grower.
This is my 1st run and I am applying techniques on my second round, I am pinching and topping my clones, they are getting crazy!

On my 1st round, not only did they go back to almost normal positions (within 7-8 hrs), the lower branches def. started growing up to act as the main. Its pretty awesome, being a 1st timer to see it happen.

I may not be correct on the methods, but it sure in the hell worked! My uneven canopy is now pretty close to even! Looking at them at the end of the day, what I did it at the beginning of the day/light-on cycle, they look so much better!

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Kombucha: gettin turnt n fuckn btchs

Not really, that title just made me laugh so I’m keeping it that way for blasphemous purposes.

Anyone here have knowledge on kombucha?
I bought all of the things that are needed in order to make this awesome drink because a person that I met buys kombucha from a man that has a business doing it and has had me drink his kratom, kava and Celastrus paniculatus(intellect seed) kombucha.
This was a new doorway for me, kratom can taste good? It can with this..

So I did some reading and found out how good kombucha was for you in general and decided to make it on my own.

I was wondering who here does this either just for taste or effect reasons. There are no recipe’s for kratom.. etc.. kombucha.
It’s a pretty cool topic the more I read about it. And the more I become concerned about harming myself with it..
So I’d like to learn as much as possible.

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help my leaves have gotten spots overnight.

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What’s going on with these plants?

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Impaired to drive STONED???

See? I knew this was coming. This is one of the horrors of legalization that no one thinks about. It is already in CO. They are crafting legislation.

They have their road side tests. Yep. Its here. And it ignores what we all know well.

- you can only get so high. It is not alcohol.
- any test shows usage last month, not usage today
- there is no way to establish a level of impairment

Solution. The Doctor advising the Legislature Committee crafting the law says, “Simple. Zero Tolerance.”

They don’t know the levels, or the time frames or the imparment, if any.

Simple horror. Keep it medical and under the radar. These same concerns are being surfaced in Washington and Florida.

I will vote against legalization in California this fall. I told you all, there will be backlash. There will be a big self rule fight about this. There will be all manner of ways to harsh our mellow.

MMJ forever.

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Running a sterile reservoir? (hydroponics)

Is there a good resource on running a “dead res” anywhere?

Initially I neglected any biological or sterilizing agents, ran into some problems, tried H2O2 and got poor results, switched to bio-control, then over the course of a few grows went so far as building a vortex brewer; I’ve tried a number of different teas, inoculates, and enzymes, but they never really did the job, and the resulting biofilm attracted fungus gnats (but I have made it to harvest every time). I’m out!

I’ve done a fair amount of research, but there doesn’t seem to be much consensus; the options which seem most appealing to me at the moment are Dutch Master Zone, chlorine, and SM-90, as H2O2 is hard to test, expensive, and my experience wasn’t exactly uncommon, information on quaternary ammonium (e.g. Physan 20) is lacking, UV filters negatively impact nutrients, and mefenoxam (e.g. Ridomil Gold SL) is too damn expensive (also lacking info).

Chlorine is simple, cheap, and readily available, the amount in solution can be easily tested with pool kits (or an ORP meter), and it’s got a good amount of evidence behind it.

Dutch Master Zone appears to contain chloramine, which is similar to chlorine, but stays in solution longer, albeit less effective; additionally, it’s got copper sulfate and potassium nitrate which help break things down and/or kill stuff.

SM-90 is coriander oil, sulphonated canola oil, and triethanolamine, which seems pretty basic, but I’ve seen a lot of glowing reviews; extra benefits include deterring bugs, some growth benefits, and, if it can be used with either of the above, triethanolamine will make them more effective.

So, I suppose the questions weighing on me at the moment are whether or not SM-90 can be used with chlorine/chloramine, and whether Dutch Master Zone provides any significant advantage over straight chlorine; however, any input on the subject would be appreciated!

NOTE: This is for my next cycle, which should be happening in an ebb and flow style system, probably using Sure to Grow media.

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looking for the best watering schedule

Hi water fellas!
I have been experimenting lately with the frequency and intensity of watering and have come to the following guess:

There is an optimum watering frequency and intensity to keep the water to oxygen ratio in soil in the optimum range.

Have you guys experiment with lets say: watering every single day just a bit?

Please, tell me what is your tip to get the minimum amount of needed water just in time so there is available water and maximum oxygen in the roots area?

Looking forward to grow together

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Looking for DWC nutrient suggestion

Bottom line; I built an RDWC system because I wanted high performance with low effort. I’ve carefully studied every system I could find, some online, some at trade shows, others that don’t even exist anymore. I did the research, till the best ideas, added some of my own… and then simplified the Fuck out of everything.

I now have a totally modular system that I can disassemble, move, reconfigure, reassemble and use in an afternoon… usually without ever making one single cut in tubing, because all the lengths are standard too.

I built it for lea money than anything else I’ve seen and I gave up nothing in terms of performance or flexibility; my plants can grow four inches in a twenty four hour period, and I’m currently hard at work raising my ‘bowling average’, or my average per plant pull, from about one to two #.

I currently have one Frankenstein of a Super Lemon Haze that might set a new personal best and offer a hint of things to come; everyone who sees it thinks three # is a serious possibility.

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