Well Today’s the Day (ACMPR Regulations and Forms)

From HC’s website…
“individuals who were previously authorized to possess and/or produce marijuana under the former MMAR and who meet the terms of the Federal Court injunction order may continue to do so until the Court orders otherwise.

Individuals covered by the injunction who wish to change the terms of their license, such as a change in address or designated producer, will be able to do so by registering with Health Canada under the new ACMPR.”
I already moved my garden while HC was refusing to acknowledge my existence, so I’m good to go. No doctor required. Kinda reinforces my theory that I am able to treat myself, successfully, without any outside involvement. Carry on all you fellow mmar folks, I predict the courts will maintain the status quo until the new legalization plans are introduced and implemented…another 18 months or so. All that anxiety and confusion…and everything remains the same…

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help! !!

Discussion in ‘Newbie Central’ started by amy1291, Aug 24, 2016 at 3:26 PM.

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Uncle buck thread for touching young men..


Mike Adams Stunning Confession: “You Guys Didn’t Know Natural News Was Satire?”
January 2, 2016

After years of riling up the most vulnerable, desperate, and at times tin foil hat wearing and paranoid contingents in the world, Mike Adams finally comes clean.

“I’ve been making this shit up as I go. How the fuck didn’t anybody catch it?”

Adams’ wild claims about everything from vaccines being a holocaust, vaccines being a government scam, chemicals making your kids gay, or claiming that honey and water makes a great mouthwash? He’s finally admitted that he was just yanking yer’ goat.

“I started the website out as a joke, you know? Nobody could have believed all of that. I mean just look at the atrocious grammar, the videos comparing a chicken nugget to an alien landscape, my insane self-written profile, the goddamn articles themselves. It reads like satire. I mean, nobody could possibly have the cognitive dissonance to run a business like this, not publicly cite any sources, and think they have a shred of credibility, right? I’ve been pulling this whole thing off brilliantly for years.”

Adams smiles when he thinks back over his long and storied career as an organic, alternative health crusader.

“Yeah, that happened,” Adams says, regretfully.

“I even got onto Dr. Oz’s show, not that THAT’S an accomplishment, it’s not like he has a fact checking department. I told him I had a lab and made discoveries, can you imagine that? And he believed me!” He said before breaking into maniacal laughter. When pressed about if other alternative health sites were likewise operating as satire, a very serious expression came across his face.

“If I told everyone that David Avocado Wolfe and Vani Hari didn’t believe their own bullshit and were just out to make money, they’d kill me in my sleep.”

He pondered the whole mess quietly, thinking about all the people who feared vaccinations, food, and other really safe stuff based on his shit for a moment while shaking his head, saying “I can’t believe I got away with it for this long.” What does Adams plan to do now that he’s outed himself?

“Whatever the fuck I want, I’m set for life now, motherfuckers! Organic bullshit shilling is the life!”

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Brooklyn Garden That Was Shut Down Over Marijuana Plants Will Reopen

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Good way to decry your herb… Herb in Caplet form

thc has a logp of about 7
In practice optimum colonic absorption is 1.32, intestinal is 1.35, oral 1.8, Cns 2, percutaneous at 2.6 and sublingual 5.5

we already have to dose in the +100mg region, having to release from solution and absorb quick enough such an amount is a pain.

in some cases this roa could be desired, i understand

Lowering the polarity will drastically enhance (thats kind of confusing, really were raising the polarity but lowering the value above) …..enhance absorption, this is why you can’t just rub hash on you.. smaller carbonchains are more polar as well asbeing absorbed through the skineasier. an unsaturated fatty acid ismore polar, ch bond vs cc bond
(Again, trying to keep this simplified)
Oleic is great.
Unrefined sunflower oil with 5-10% etoh or pg will enhance permeation. This is the best route without certain chems for topical use
It is naturally rich in antioxidants not that it really matters too much. Sunlight and to a lesser extent heat are what you worry about. A typical brown glass bottle in room temp will be good for almost 2 years depending on desired affects.

with the bum route, you need it fairly solid. its limiting…

thats all for today riu

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Timber growlight question

Hello @DonaldsNugMachine

I saw your post and have to caution you on your disemination of incorrect facts.

We are not resellers of Jerry from Kingbrite. We do not use Jerry’s reflectors – all of our optics come directly from the LEDIL factory in Finland.

We only use Cooliance heat sinks – they are custom drilled and tapped for us by the manufacturer.

We get our Meanwell power supplies through a master distributor in America, and our Cree COBs generally come direct from the manufacturer.

Your “markup” calculation is very incorrect and wildly inaccurate – I will not comment further on that.

Please do not post things which are untrue as they are misleading to people who are looking for knowledge, not only about Timber products, but LEDs in general. It is a very fast moving industry and the subject matter can be confusing – proliferation of lies/incorrect information helps no one.


Timber Grow Lights

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1st Scrog 2nd grow 2M Tent HPS LED mix.

What’s up everyone I’m new to the forum this grow is my coming out party! Or maybe an introduction into the real world of growing ) new to scrog try new things see how this pans out.
Tell you about my setup which is very important clearly, I have a 2M tent, two 600 Mars Hydro, one 300 Mars hydro .300 watt CFL , today I received two 600 watt 5 inch cool tubes..

6″ intake 5″ outtake ( will be updating the outtake to 8″)

Like I was saying this is my first time scroggin I have the basic knowledge from reading the forums everything I know I’ve learnt off the Internet!

My previous grow to this was a bunch of autoflowers, I was happy enough with results I got,along the way 35 days in I discovered that 3 the seeds were not autoflower, I kinda knew my next grow was going to be regular seeds so they were kept with them until harvest, in the time being they never got the attention the others got. Germination was on April 11th they were kept 13 litre pots until about month ago now in 30 litre fabric bags. When these 3 unknowns were sent into flower I believe they were 112 days old.
I super cropped them day 87 then put them under a DIY scrog . At the time I don’t know what to do with them They were very tall about 4.5 feet, I can only imagine what size they would have been if I didn’t super crop them maybe a small problem the screen is 16 17 inches from the medium the preferred height is 10 inches..
when I changed from the 13 litre pots there was a big root mass from being in the pots for roughly 65 days !!
I don’t know that a good thing or a bad thing those 3 seeds were a mix-up lol for such a long veg I wonder is it in my benefit veg longer more yield! that’s what they say.
I’m not sure of the genetics they are all female though)
They have responded well from the transplant and the super cropping they got the same look about them patterns in the leaves, smells like skunk. I flipped to 12/12 on 3nd August I ordered two 600Watt hps 5″ for the flower cycle.
cool tube to complement the three Hydros cfls. contrasting views on the cool tubes, eliminate most of the heat. . Anyhow I will set them up tomorrow the 9th of August. I wanted this equipment earlier for the stars of 12/12 but there was a hitch I think I’ll be good anyways with these new lights.
I was happy with the Mars did not know what to expect.I reached 45 grams a plant roughly ! I had 11 altogether. .

I have another scrog setup to the right one of the plants is b#5nl the other mango kush. They are 11 weeks old around 80 days veg ! I done a load of lst on them! Became almost flat bonzi? plant ,
Did stop the stress training lately n let them loose, loads of sites on those 2 !! .two the smaller ones are special Queen #1 five weeks old .
Special Queen could of done with more veg time. How to get the numbers in
I’ll put up some pics now

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ACMPR poll

I will because I have other family involved. And everyone feels much more comfortable helping out in and around the garden if I’m licensed.

That being said, if I suddenly get restricted to a 5g per day limit, I have no problem ignoring that and producing and using however much I feel like I need to use.

No problem answering to a judge on that.

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first grow…3 wks veg then 11/13….something i heard

Discussion in ‘Grow Journals’ started by FloridianGrown420, Aug 24, 2016 at 7:58 AM.

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Going wide and shallow

I think clones tend to send roots out laterally rather than downward, because of the physical properties of how their roots develop.

With that, I reason, a cloned plant might prefer width over depth.

In any case, plants from seed or clones all like easy loose soil to spread out in, so I’d say the more room they have in any direction will help them get closer in size to their genetic potential.

If you grow guerrilla style and can only pack in a little bit of soil or promix etc. for individual plants you put in the ground, it’s still a good idea to break up the natural soil all around the plant. Use the promix for the initial transplant area but remember to pulverize and maybe toss some of your favorite ferts, some perlite and rotting or loose organic material into the expanded broken up natural soil area you made around the transplant site. Your plants will appreciate the extra root room even if it’s just loose native well drained and aerated soil.

Hell, toss in some moose shit if you run across it, but that’s another story.

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