OG kush starting to get dry leaves and falling off?

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Jaws Gear Seeds With A Bite

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WTF is that shit

so i bumped into this … people r still pulling stupid stuff like that…

Damn it Washington DC, Colorado, Washington, and Alaska. What have you done?!

How stupid u have to be to come up with shitty pic like that…

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Am I a bitch?

I’ve been increasingly bothered recently by a mate who wants clones every 2 months. It’s not a huge order but I hate taking them on the bus. There was a day that I’d just jump on my bike and go with them but not anymore as its too risky. I’d rather get caught with a few oz than clones.

Logistically I don’t have the space as he wants them vegged up as much as possible. (Am I selling rooted clones or veg plants?) Tonight he tried to give me an order for 6 weeks time!! I don’t want them laying around for 6 bloody weeks. He tries to get out of collecting them because he is S.Amercian and doesn’t have papers to be here. He already got deported from London years ago! Not my problem though is it?

I’ve told him that I’ve just cut those mums (his pheno choice) and I need them all for me as I’ve have too many lights running continually. This is true though.

In a way I feel ungrateful for refusing the work but it’s only 25 clones which I will receive numerous messages about over the coming weeks, so to me it’s not worth the stress.

He wants advice all the God damn time and doesn’t ever listen. Eg. I drop the clones on Sunday and tell him to transplant straight away and he goes out skateboarding (age 36) instead. I’ll get a message a few days later saying they don’t look too good?? To which I reply ‘my work ended when I dropped them off, I can’t help you if you don’t listen’.
I just don’t want an apprentice. Had he been one I’d have sacked him on a few occasions.

So, I feel like a bitch but I think I should just concentrate on my own show.

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can you tell what wrong with these 12/12cycle

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why cant the "right" put toghther mass protest compared to the "left"?

oh! goody, goody!..just what i wanted to discuss

the reason why the right is not unified is because they are now split..establishment v. tea..for real now.

establishment needed DEM VOTES AND SUPPORT because their own party wouldn’t pass a one week extension on the DHS bill last night.

that’s 53 votes short..GOP has a big problem on their hands..a very big problem..GOP is holding GOP hostage..that of course means establishment is now going to be indebted to dems so when tea won’t vote along party lines it’s gonna be our vote to put it over the top which means we now have a blank check

@nitro harley what was that about national boot in the ass day?..you’re own party is booting themselves in the ass IMHO

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lollipop and nutes

Hello ,

Im growing 4 plant’s of super lemon haze , the plants are on week 6 of veg and today i decide to lollipop because next week i want to start flowering .

Should i avoid feeding the plant’s while they are recover ? or just feed them as usual ..

And one more thing , i think i cut too much from the plant :

View attachment 3361409

View attachment 3361410

what do you think ?

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What fertilizer is best for vegitation

Any fertilizer with a 1:1:1 ratio of NPK. This could be 10-10-10, 16-16-16. Those numbers represent the quantity of NPK in the product you buy. You’d use more of the former, less of the latter because it’s stronger. But, the ratio between those numbers is 1-1-1. That’s all you care about.

In flower you may want higher P. But, there are people who grow 1-1-1 start to finish. If you do more P, it doesn’t have to be a lot. You can get a product that’s, say, 8-16-12 (a 1-2-1.5 ratio) and mix it with your 1-1-1 ratio fertilizer to get an average between them. (I made a spreadsheet that makes it easier to do this, and to see the strength, whether to use more or less.).

Or, you can buy Alaska Fish emulsion or any blood meal product to boost the N in veg (you shouldn’t need to, but I’m just illustrating how you can adjust the ratios individually). And, you can buy langbeinite (sometimes called Sul-Po-Mag) to boost K. I think weed likes higher K.

Be wary of the cannabis-specific fertilizer products. They simplify what I’m describing, but you pay a premium for that and will be ignorant of what you’re actually feeding (as you mix the pink bottle with the green bottle). It’s best to think in terms of NPK ratios, and “PPM” strength. You’ll learn to read your plants, giving them what they need. It takes time, so keep it simple to start (such as, 1-1-1 all the way through).

As far as which product to buy. It shouldn’t matter. MiracleGro at the hardware store will be fine. MiracleGro isn’t widely used by cannabis growers. A lot of growers use JR Peters Jack’s Classic which is similarly inexpensive. It comes in a variety of pre-mixed ratios. I use Grow More Sea Grow which has some organic content. It comes in all-purpose (1-1-1 ratio) and flower bloom (1-6.5-6.5 ratio, if I recall correctly). I mix the two. It’s inexpensive too. About $1 per plant, per grow.

If you use a cannabis-specific boutique “lineup,” you can use the spreadsheet to unravel the actual NPK and PPM so you can learn how to read your plants based upon what you’re actually feeding.

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Thinking I want to join the revolution…

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Going Hydro for the spring!

Dear Growers, Friends, and fellow Cannabis Cannibal’s,

As the subject states, I’m growing Hydroponicly this spring season. I have never done THIS before, although I do have several grows under my belt. (some successful and others not so) My budget is far from large but I do not mind shelling out the green if its sure to reciprocate itself. What i’m looking for is a nutrient line; base, additives, boosters, or stimulants. I’ve done some research, (R.I.U forums included) but I’d truly appreciate someone else’s opinion on MY situation. I’d like to buy enough for only one complete cycle so i can gain information to make a more “informed” purchase that suits my growing needs.
In advance, Let me just say thank you for your invaluable knowledge.

Set up I plan on running:
(Wonder Woman will be my first lady)

-Its going to be a DWC fashioned out of a 18 gallon tote, (I’m assuming that would mean an 8 gallon res?)
-Hydroton for medium.
(Not sure if it’s going to be 6 or 8 plant’s I haven’t bought my pots yet, suggestions? size? quantity?)
-30-60 Gallon Air pump with two air stones.
(one for each side of the res.)
-1 600 watt HPS and 3 smaller 55watt CFL’s.
-I only have one 6 in. fan in there right now but im going to get another, probably 10-12 in. Because i had some FoxTailing with my last grow. (Lemon Haze)
((Almost forgot to mention, this is a closet grow but space isn’t TOO big of an issue because the closet is pretty LARGE ))

I have some nutrients from my past grow but i REALLY want to break away from Fox Farm, (FF). Nothing personal against them, I’ve had pretty good results in the past. I just want to get away from synthetics.

-Fish Seaweed-NH
-Giberellic Acid
-Raw Fulvic
-Humic acid

Once again, Thank you for your input and advice.
One LAST thing…
Please keep criticism constructive…
Everyone was new once!
Happy Growing!!!


(Lemon Haze-Soil, under just the 600)

(Just a few side branches for viewing

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