It’s a crime: How Private Prison Companies Encourage Mass Incarceration

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Spectral lightmeter Gigahertz-Optik MSC15

some weeks ago nevergoodenuf made a post about that device(MSC15) in this forum, after i saw that i called the company to got some informations. Then i decided to buy it, since a week i got it.

The device came with a little bag, software(CD), short usb cabel (to use software and charge the battery) and calibration certificate.

the measurement sensor is integrated in the device itself, you can see in the picture which i post, it has no external sensor like some other par meters.
The integrated sensor can be a disadvantage if you wanne do some measurement under a bright light im not able to read the display. But i can connect the device with a long usb cabel(5meter) to my computer and can read then the measurement even more detailed, i post a picture.

The device you can controll via touch screen, pretty simple. If you guys have some question please ask

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Mini split questions?

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Opinions please. Day 25 of flower

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For those of you who workout..

Do check out Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1/ program. Wendler has lots of experience. He played D1 college football. He was an SEC Strength Coach. He trained at Westside with Louie Simmons. He squatted 1000 pounds. Then he worked with Dave Tate at EliteFitnessSystems for years. Now he’s got his own gym, and he’s trained 100′s of people. 1000′s have had success with his program. Professional strength coaches, who train athletes for a living are like “fuck it, I’ll just have my athletes do 5/3/1.”

The guy who invented Stronglifts was trained by nobody. He has trained nobody. He said himself, that he lifted weights for years, but has achieved nothing when it comes to training.

More specific to you;
When you do your 2 workouts, and work your physical job, what is the most sore? What limits you the most?

You can do short, easy, specific mini workouts, at home, to address your weakest areas. After 3-6 weeks of attacking whatever is holding you back, you should be ready for a third gym session. At first, it will be shorter and easier than your 2 “real” sessions. It will be specifically for whatever is weakest. After 3-6 weeks of that, you will be ready for 3 days in the gym.

If we can get you on track, as you get stronger, your job should get easier. You’ll be more hoss, so the job will take less out of you. This will allow you to do more “mini workouts” which will make you better, which will make you stronger, which will make everything easier, which will allow you to train more,and on and on and on…

The first step is to make sure your gym sessions are productive. Then, we figure out what to work on to make you recover better, so you can be more ready for your next workout.

So, tell us what you do during your 2 workouts. Tell us what hurts the most. Tell us what you do at work that fucks you up the most. Then, we’ll tell you how to improve your gym sessions, and what “extra” stuff to do other days.

Also, you better tell us what you’re eating. If you’re sore and tired, you need to eat differently, to give your body what it needs to feel good and energetic.

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How to smoke when you still live with parents?

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Seedling Growth Slow? Advice needed please!

Hey friends. My plants are growing real slow. This is my third grow so I’m still a new but I’ve always had plants stolen etc before flower. Anyway I’m feeling like my seedlings are growing ever so slowly and I’m wondering why (besides forgetting to turn the fan on and burning a few of them their all healthy). My last grow s I remember my plants being almost twice this size at the same age and it worries me. Here is my setup.

All autoflower and there are 10 strains in this pic, except a few reg seeds, all purchased from nirvana and gorilla. I’m using:

Diy soil made of jiffy potting mix, small portion of sand and an organic potting mix I found at Walmart with no certs in it.(anytime I’ve tried to give ANY amount of feet to a plant they have all died so I have used no nutes besides the tiny amt in the perlite).
50% perlite,
plain pH 7 water
PH of plants is 6.5ish
Currently have 100w worth of cool daylight blue cfls over seedlings, trans to 400w HP’s later.
Just added diy co2 bucket
Watering maybe once every 1.5 days

I have lots of questions but my main concern is with this same setup my plants were always twice as big before, but that was always bagseed and these are all auto seeds besides a few. I’m just worried since they are all 10-12 days old and other pics from growers seem like their plants are much bigger and that worries me. The leaves on many seem to not be going much at all and I don’t get it. Please help.

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Harvesting multiple times in the harvest window

Yes: and I recommend it too, as rarely does all the apples on a tree ripen all at once

same with trics, those trics that get all the action(light) will be far ahead of the other shaded below

for this reason and if tight for weed I say harvest sequentially

and keep turning your pot daily

I also recommend growers should sample their weed,

in tiny amounts during mid to late veg too

but only if you a needing that toke

good luck

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Fully automated decarb

Hey I’m kinda new here but wanted to share something I’ve been using to get incredible results…

I’ve never really been one to medicate with edibles. Either it wasn’t accessible or I didn’t have the amount of weed, time or patience to figure out how to do it right.

Couple months ago I stumbled on this device that “unlocks the full medicinal benefits of the plant” aka it decarbs precisely to get your thc fully activated.

I thought hey that sounds cool – Decided to shell out the cash and see if it really does what it says.

Before this I was too scared to risk it in the oven, not knowing exactly what I was doing. I’ve tried making cannabutter too but figured it was too weak because I didn’t have a ton of bud to work with. Anyway with this little machine I’ve been cooking up a storm. I can’t get enough.

But the best thing is I can literally use less than I would to smoke and get wayyyyy more out of it.

Check it out

Anyone else have one?

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Dawn detergent and spider mites

Don’t spray Mighty Wash late in the game. It’s ok on something you can wash off, not on something you smoke.

Explain why 99.8% water is pink, 650ppm, has an oil layer, and smells like pyrethrin. Not even Tijuana tap water looks like that.

Actually, if just got removed from the market because it was a mislabeled pesticide. Contains Pyrethrin. If you use Mighty Wash, go buy all you can from your hydro stores because they can’t order it any more.

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