Proof Abortion is murder…

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Barney’s Farm Critical Kush?

While I’m asking about this strain specifically I’m also asking generally for your thoughts on the way the marketing, hype, and in turn end product interelate.

How do you guys feel about this strain? It’s listed as the most popular strain on the breeder’s website and also from attitude seed bank and both companies are about just as reputable as anyone else but 750g per m^2? Even at one gpw that’s still like 83 watts per square foot on a mostly indica strain, really? From what I have read on your journals it doesn’t perform nearly as well as the breeder’s website claims and I’m not sure about the smoke either from reading your guys posts. Yet some of you do some pretty good stuff and all the “experts” ed, jorge, greg, etc. all seem to say that with the right conditions you can do some more impressive things as far as yield and efficiency and quality but it seems that the general consensus is that 90% of what you get is determined by genetics. So is this strain or any strain really any good or is it all just luck from seed hoping to get that lucky pheno regardless really of which decent breeder or strain you choose?

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new to ebb and flow

I’ve been a soil gardner for the past 4 years, but will be switching to a flood/drain system. every one i know grows soil so asking friends for help is out of the question. looking for some advice. here we go..

i’ll be running a 1000w in a 4×8 tent, with a 4×4 table. i currently use gh nova nutes. thinking of running with 6″net pots with hydroton, prob 60 in the table, growing stumps. just visited a hydro shop that has opened down the street and saw the rock wool shreds they had in a bubble system, which looked pretty cool. just not sure if its the best way to go. hydroton seems to be the best option due to the roots getting the most oxygen? IDK?

what are the pros and cons of hydroton? also not really sure about how often to fill the table, how much is too much?
finished building my aero cloner, have it full, will post pics if it actually works. clones have been cut for 5 days now….fingers crossed.

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attitude a bust?

Not angry at all. Not defensive either.

If you buy insurance, you will get your package. Nuff said.

Anyone complaining about not receiving their package obviously did not buy the insurance. When buying an item that can legally be seized, perhaps a guarantee would he a smart thing to purchase.

All negative account come from people who we tee too cheap to buy it and have a grudge because of their own laziness. Which many immature people take this experience and spout it over the web as if they played no part.

Your post was more than an inquiry, you pose a negative stance towards attitude which professionally I would say stems from more of a personal grudge than hearsay you have collected to add to an unbiased opinion.

The last line about wasting money with them when other banks deliver with no problems, as well as you throwing in the moot point of buying from attitude leading to an investigation.

You sir, are very transparent in your efforts to bash attitude due to your personal bias.[/QUOTE]

LooL!! W/e dude, you make no sense in your replies to my post. The proof is in this forum and on the internet. Think there is 2-3 posts on the first page of this sub-forum about orders being nabbed. Even the sticky at the very top has converted into a thread about attitude/customs. Search the next 3 pages of this forum, you will see more threads with more and more people’s packages being intercepted. I could quote and link them all if it would help? You can also use google and it will show pages of threads from this forum and other forums of countless posts about it.

Lets google “Attitude Seeds Customs” seeds customsie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=FshGVOOQH4iFoAPHgIHABQ

Doh! Every thread forum on the first page is about seeds getting nailed @ customs.

Don’t forget, there is also drop down options on even more threads from different sites on these.

Now you will say, it is b/c I googled with “attitude seeds customs”

Ok lets try this

“attitude seeds forum” seeds forumsie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=mMhGVKq-A8mFoAPh2IGgDA

The very first thing that comes up is “attitude seed bank compromized”

The very second thing is Is attitude seed bank legit?! – Click on the link, first page of that thread talks about peoples packages getting nabbed.

The second drop down thread from that forum is Attitude Seeds – Indoor Medical growing. First post about being nailed @ customs.

The very next thing from the next forum (same 1st page on google search third link down) “need advice which seedbank to order from” – Very first page is about customs nabbing orders.

Keep going down the first page of google and look. This is from a simple google of “attitude seedbank forum”

Lets try this “Seed Boutique Customs” search boutique customsie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=4MpGVIC8BuPL8gfosID4Cg

First thing that comes up.. Gee… Attitude Shipment Seized by customs.. Thats odd, I didn’t even google attitude.Actually the first 3-4 things are about attitude and customs…

I found one thread on the search (first page) where someone had there packaged nabbed from Boutique.

I googled just “Seed Boutique Forum” boutique forumie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=U8xGVK-QOszY8gelhoCQDg

Hmmmm…. only people complaining about them for various reasons the 4th thread down on the search. Nothing about customs.

Lets try “herbies seeds customs” since its a popular one. seeds customsie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=1MxGVIrnF8yCoAONpoH4BQ

Very first thread that comes up about Herbies turns into a post about Attitude and customs…

Second thread on the search.. nothing about customs..

Didn’t see anything about herbies and customs on the first page, maybe I missed it? I did see a few more threads about Attitude and seeds being caught on the first page. Strange though b/c I made no mention about attitude seeds.

Lets try Marijuana Seeds Customs seeds customsie=utf-8oe=utf-8aq=trls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialclient=firefox-achannel=sbgfe_rd=crei=1MxGVIrnF8yCoAONpoH4BQ#safe=offrls=org.mozilla:en-US:officialchannel=sbq=marijuana seed bank customs

Wow… look what comes up…. Can you take a guess?

You can google “Attitude seeds is the best” and you will see threads and threads on the first page about customs. Just google anything with the words :Attitude seeds” add any other word or sentence to it in the search. They all come up with customs!!!

So you can keep going on and thinking I ordered from them and had them nabbed and I have some vendetta against the company. I suppose everyone who keeps posting here and everywhere else on other sites and forums are just on a crusade to crush the company.

Or maybe you can accept customs has a hard on for attitude and its clearly a big issue.

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First time grow, small buds, when to harvest?

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Shooting at parlaiment hall

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Monster cropping ?

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The Dabbler and vegetable glycerin

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Outdoor to indoor! Response urgently needed! Please!

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is my kosher kush a hermie? have 2 plants, both different.

Hey guys,

as the title says, I have 2 kosher kush just around a week into flowering. Strange thing is, that the really big one has some weird little elliptical things coming out where the buds normally develop. it might just be unopened leave/budsites, but they just look strange! take a look at the pics and let me know what you think! I have 2 plants here for comparison, both are kosher kush from DNA.

First, the plant in question:

and here is the second plant for comparison. only pistils and bud formations. no weird oval things.

I appreciate any and all feedback you can leave me, and am thankful in advance!


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